Personal & Business Development the TBN Way

We don’t just do breakfast we do business development.

We constantly seek to improve the benefits members gain from their TBN membership and we believe that to get the most out of yours you need to have a much greater focus on the results you desire from your business and how you are going to achieve them.

At TBN we focus on You!

In our sessions we will work with you to identify the benefits that you can expect from your membership.

Working on both financial goals and other key areas such as confidence and presentation skills, with peer group support we will identify how you might set achievable and challenging goals, the actions to take and measurement that will enable you to maximise your results.

Through these sessions, existing members have found themselves challenging their focus and aiming for a much higher return from their business.

TBN Referral Development Programme.

In our interactive meetings we cover:

  • How to connect people across your network
  • How to recognise referral opportunities
  • How to qualify those opportunities
  • How to stimulate referrals
  • Effective one minute presentations
  • Planning longer presentations

Do you run a Local Business?

Then join us at TBN…
…the small business support and advice network.

  • It’s a place to Develop your Business.
  • A place to Grow your Sales.
  • A place to meet and chat with like minded people.
  • and enjoy a great breakfast!
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